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Authenticating Your Artwork
Certificate of Authenticity

Authenticating Your Work:  For the Collector...

Certificates of Authenticity are issued to ensure the work of art you are paying for is exactly what you are getting.  It is the document that proves that the work of art is by the artist, and not a forgery.  If you are buying a sculpture or part of a limited edition, it insures that the work is authorized by the artist, not outside of the edition.  Works that are not inside the edition set by the artist are unauthorized and therefore illegal.  They are stolen from the artist, or are forgeries. 

When you buy artwork by Ernst Neizvestny, a Certificate of Authenticity always accompanies it, either at the time of sale or is sent to you within a short period of time.  If you buy the work from a gallery, the certificate should come from the gallery, and have the galleries name, address and an officers signature on it. 

If you buy the work from the secondary market (from another collector) you should receive the certificate from where ever the art was originally purchased. 

If you buy artwork from the artist, you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity directly from Ernst Neizvestny studio.

BEWARE!  There is only one certificate issued per work of art!  Keep your Certificates in a safe place.  If you lose your Certificate, another should not be issued.

Certificates of Authenticity should contain at least the following information:

        The name of the artist the work is attributed to

        The title of the work (or 'untitled' if the artist did not title it)

        The size of the work

        The medium of the work (bronze, marble, oil on canvas,  
       pencil drawing on paper, etching, lithograph, etc.)

        The total edition size, including Artist Proofs (AP) etc.

        or ORIGINAL if it is the only one created.

         and the specific number of your work (15/25  - your work 
       is number 15 out of a total of 25 created)

        a signature of the person authorizing that the above 
      information is accurate.

To see a sample Certificate of Authenticity issued by Ernst Neizvestny Studio, click here

PLEASE NOTE: Original Bronze sculptures are, by international standards, still considered original (as compared to limited editions) if they are cast in an edition equal to or smaller than 9 + 3Aps.  That means nine numbered works, 1/9 to 9/9, plus three artist proofs, that are usually numbered 'AP'.

IF YOU OWN A WORK BY ERNST NEIZVESTNY, and you are unsure of its authenticity, please contact us at


Authenticating Your Work:  For Galleries...

Please be advised that all works by Ernst Neizvestny should have a certificate of authenticity.  If you are offered, or are currently offering works by Ernst Neizvestny that do not have documentation, contact us immediately at the studio: for authentication. 

Protect yourselves and your clients!



Authentication:  For Foundries...

If you are contracted to cast a work by Ernst Neizvestny, from someone other than Ernst Neizvestny Studio, please be advised that it may not be authorized!

Contact immediately to check authentication and for authorization.


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