Commissioned by JSC Acron, this monument entitled "Rebirth"
was unveiled during a public opening ceremony in Moscow April 18, 2000.

      The obelisk, carved from Jerusalem Stone, depicts the walls of the Holy City. At its gates is the soaring figure of Archangel Michael. In one hand the leader of heavenly troops holds a sword, the other hand is held out towards the heavens. The mission of Michael, angel of mercy, life and death, is allegorized through the teaching of people to till the fields.

      This everlasting cycle of birth, death and rebirth is represented by a plant, whose roots break down through the stone into the earth, and whose live shoot grows up through the stone into the sunlight where it bears it's golden fruits.

      The deep symbolic sense of the obelisk is akin to the constructive results of the restoration to the historical Kireevsky-Karpov Mansion which will house the Institute for Corporate Reforms as well as other corporate enterprises.

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